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I For Ittai - Woodrow Kroll Writes....

I For Ittai
An Unlikely Alliance

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The Lone Ranger had Tonto, and unlikely companion.
Sherlock Holmes had Watson, a complete mismatch.
David had Ittai the Gittite, one of the most unlikely friendships ever.

NAME: “Timely”

DATE: 10th Century BC

IDENTIFICATIONS: Man from Gath who accompanied David in flight

STORY LINE: Ittai came to Jerusalem as Absalom drove David out

READ IT IN THE BIBLE:  2 Samuel 15:13-22; 18:1-5

Goliath of Gath was no match for the shepherd boy and his sling, but when David became king, he had more giant-sized problems to deal with.  At one point, David's son Absalom rebelled against his father, and David had to flee from Jerusalem.  Among those who fled with him as Ittai the Gittite.

When David saw that Ittai was in his entourage he suggested the Gittite return to Jerusalem.  No one would blame him if he did.  Ittai wasn't Jewish.  He wasn't member of the king's household.  Besides, he had only arrived in Jerusalem the day before Absalom's rebellion.  What horrible timing.

But Ittai refused, saying that he wanted to go wherever David went.  The reason this alliance is so unlikely is that Ittai was a Gittite.  Do you know what you call natives of the city of Gath, where Goliath lived?  You guessed it.  Gittites.  After the rebellion was thwarted, David made Ittai commander over one third of his armies.

This is one of the most unlikely alliances in history.  Still, it shows that it doesn't matter who you are, what your nationality or ethnic background is, if you want to enjoy the blessing of God, you need to hang out with the people of God.

Enjoy the fellowship of those whose skin color is different form yours or whose denomination is different from yours.  You may just discover that one of your most faithful fiends will also be one of your unlikely fiends.

                  —Dr. Woodrow Kroll
              (Former President and Bible Teacher, Back to the Bible)

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