Friday, April 6, 2012

Jesus Christ's Resurrection: Fiction Or Fact?

We must know the reasons why
Christians believe that the Lord Jesus
rose bodily from the dead, and
that this is fact not fiction.

Let us notice the evidence

The witness of the four Gospels

1. The Lord Jesus explicitly
stated that He would rise again on
the third day.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Is A Joke

                                                                —by Vernon C Lyons

Easter is God’s joke on the Devil.
Easter is also God’s joke on the
jeering Jews who shouted, “Crucify,

Easter is also a prank on Pilate 
who thought crucifying Christ 
would solve his problems.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Lord's Last Words To His Disciples

Pic. Credit.


—by Ian Taylor

Many famous people have
spoken interesting parting words
before they died. Some were funny,
some tragic and some full of meaning.
Some didn’t say anything important
as they didn’t expect to die.
General Sedgwick, a Union Commander
in the Civil War, said just
before he was shot, “They couldn’t
hit an elephant at this distance!”

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Christian Perspective on Astrology

An Entry for the A to Z Blog Challenge 2012

The uncertainties among people are increasing day by day. Things are
fast changing; today’s man or thing is not there tomorrow. A kind of fear is
gripped among people and they wander here and there to find a solution for
this. People are frustrated by the political situation prevailing in the country.
The day to day incidents are frightening them and many are in search
of safety and peace. Becoming frantic, they ultimately approach the so
called soothsayers or astrologers for a solution. This has become the order
of the day in the modern society. The soothsayers take advantage of this and
are making hay while their clients are burning. As a result every day a new
method or solution sprouts somewhere in the country.

                                                                    —by Philip Varghese ‘Ariel’

It is very unfortunate to note that in India the politicians and the film personalities are the bunch of people
who are always go in search of  these soothsayers. In recent times this trend has spread among the Indian cricketer community and the television program producers and its anchors too. What a pathetic
condition this is?

Monday, April 2, 2012

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Becoming New Parents: A Matter of Prayerful Planning

“When Enoch had lived 65 years, he became the father
of Methuselah. And after he became the father of
Methusaleh, Enoch walked with God”
(Genesis 5:21-22).

—by James T

Becoming a Parent: Dilemma or

The implication of the above
Scripture is that once Enoch had a
child he walked with God (since he
lived to be 365 years old). Research,
observation and personal experience
confirm that having a child
produces a more serious approach
to life in the parents, especially in
the spiritual arena. But what about
prior to the coming of that first
child? In spite of the biblical directive
to “be fruitful and increase
in number” given to us through
Adam and Eve and Noah and his
sons (Gen. 3:28; 9:1 NIV), many, if
not most Christian couples today
experience a sense of fear as they
anticipate having a child. The reality
of parenthood, while exciting and
delightful in a general sense, also
produces some anxiety in the minds
of prospective parents.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Five Affirmations of Christ's Resurrrection

                                                   First Entry For The A to Z Blogging Challenge....

Cover Page Design:. Back to the bible India/Vasanth Kumar
On that morning a handful of women wound their way to the garden tomb. They carried containers of spices and ointments. And they were laden down with grief. Jesus, their
Lord, was dead and they were coming to anoint His body.
                                                                    —b y G. Roger

Pic. Credit: raichinger

 Though they knew a boulder blocked the opening of the grave; they were coming with the hope that someone would roll it away.  When they arrived, what they saw made them gasp. The stone was gone! The entrance was open!

As they entered the tomb they saw what appeared to be a young man wearing white. He spoke to
the bewildered women: “Do not be amazed” (Mark 16:6). And then he delivered the first Easter sermon. In the dark hollow tomb he proclaimed the five affirmations of Easter.

He Lives !
The angel began at the point of  their experience. “ ‘You are looking for Jesus…He is not here. See the
place where they laid him.’ “But along with the obvious, he added something new—news heard for
the first time. He told them plainly,