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L for Laban

L for Laban
When I was a teenager our high school math teacher bought the farm next to ours. He didn't know much about farming, but he know a lot about dishonesty.  He hired me to help him get his hay in one year, promising me a fair wage.  But when the job was finished, he told me had no money.  I had been cheated.

NAME: “White”
DATE:  20th  Century BC
IDENTIFICATIONS: Son of Bethuel, brother of Rebekah, father of Leah and Rachel
STORY LINE: Laban schemed to get more years of service from Jacob
READ IT IN THE BIBLE:  Genesis 29:1-30

Jacob must have felt the same way.  When he fled to Haran to escape the hatred of his brother, Esau, he hired on with Laban, his uncle.  His partseven years of hard labor.
The paybackthe hand of Rachel, Laban's daughter, in marriage.  Jacob was so in love with Rachel it seemed like a good deal.

But when it came time to pay up, Laban switched his older daughter, Leah, as Jacob's wife.  Jacob was outraged.  He had been cheated.  He had to work another seven years for Rachel.  In all, Jacob worked twenty years for Laban and finally decided he had had enough.  He took his family and headed home to Canaan.  But Laban soon overtook Jacob. After some words, Jacob and Laban erected a small heap of stones as mutual testimony they would never again have any dealings with each other.  They repeated the Mizpeh benediction:  "May the Lord watches between you and me when we are absent one from another" (Genesis 31:49).  Usually a bond between friends, this became a pact between adversaries.

If your boss or brother-in-law or anybody else is cheating you today, ask God to give you strength to be honest with them, even if they aren't honest with you.  After all, God keeps good payroll records.

                                                                                 —Dr. Woodrow Kroll 

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