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E is for ERASTUS

Christians in Government

A Latin inscription on a marble
paving stone at Corinth,
Pic, Credit. Wikiepedia
Politics is a dirty business.  How often have you heard those word?

But government service can be as much a ministry as serving in the local church.  Paul said those who serve in positions of authority are “God’s minister to you for good” (Romans 13:4).  The Mayor of the town is as much God’s appointee as the pastor of the church.

NAME: “Beloved”

DATE: 1st Century AD

IDENTIFICATIONS: Corinth’s city treasurer, director of public works in Paul’s day.

STORY LINE: Erastus was a city official who sent greetings to Rome


Tucked away in the list of those who sent greetings along with Paul to the Christians at Rome was a government official.  In some translations he is called a Chamberlain,” which originally was a royal official in charge of the private quarters of the king.  But with time. Chamberlains took on other official duties as well.  Perhaps that’s how Erastus became the treasurer of his hometown, Corinth (Romans 16: 23).

 In 1929 archaeologists from the American School of Classical Studies found a Latin inscription on a marble paving stone at Corinth with the name Erastus on it.  Whether it was the same man or not we cannot tell, but Paul’s friend apparently was well known to the believers in Rome.

The fact that Erastus cold serve the Corinthian government and the Lord
at the same time is not surprising.  God never intended politics to be a dirty business.   Government service has always been honorable when it honors God.  Perhaps if more Christians like Erastus entered government service, politics wouldn’t be such a dirty business.

Take some time today to pray for the leader of your nation, your local government, and your town.  And pray for your city treasurer too. You might just be praying for another Christian like yourself.
    Dr. Woodrow Kroll
(Former President 
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Dr. Woodrow Kroll

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