Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is For Lois: A Grandmother’s Influence

Lois: A Grandmother’s Influence
Do you know the most influential position in the world?

It’s not the president of the United States. 

It’s a Grandma.

Are you surprised?

Lois is the exemplary grandma of the Bible.
She was the mother of Eunice and grandmother of Timothy. 

Name: “Better” or “More Desirable”.
Date: 1st Century AD.
Identification: Devout Jewess, mother of Eunice, grandmother of 
Story Line: Lois provided instruction to Timothy when he was a child
Read it in the Bible: 2 Timothy 1:3-7; 3: 10-16.

Likely she came to Christ during Paul’s first missionary journey to Lystra, where she lived with her family.  Beyond that, we know very little about her, except this: Lois’ daughter married a Greek, not Jew.  He was not a believer in Jesus the Messiah.  He could not perform the task of a father, teaching his children about God and the Law, or about virtue and why it is important.  He didn’t know God; he didn't care about the Law; and he had no system of belief that imbibed virtue.

Not to worry. Enter Grandma Lois.  Along with Eunice, she took it upon herself to raise Timothy in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.”  She taught Timothy the Law while he was still a boy.  Even Paul commented that from childhood Timothy knew the Holy Scriptures.  That was Gramma’s doing.

So grandmother, don’t think life has passed you by.   If you are looking for an opportunity to extend your influence far beyond your years, nurture your grandchildren.  When you sit with them in your rocking chair, sing songs of Jesus to them.  When they want a story, tell them one of those fantastic God stories from the Bible.  You, grandma, are the most influential person in raising children.  Don’t let computer games or television steal your privilege.  Be someone special. Be a godly grandmother and user your influence to shape godly lives. 

                            —by Dr. Woodrow Kroll