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C is for Caiaphas

C is for Caiaphas
Success From Failure

Annas and Caiaphas, Picture Credit:
At the peak of the reality TV craze, American Idol ruled the roost, especially American Idol 2 when Ruben Studdard won with Clay Aikeen coming in a close second.  But in the months that followed, Clay appeared to outshine Ruben with a top-selling single and appearances on program like The Tonight Show

NAME:  "He Who Seeks"
DATE: 1st Century AD
IDENTIFICATION: High priest of Israel, son-in-law of Annas
STORY LINE:  Caiaphas illegally tried and condemned Jesus
READ IT IN THE BIBLE:  John 11:47-57: 18: 1-28

Caiphas knew what it was like to win and lose.
He was appointed high priest of Israel in AD 18 by the Roman procurator, Valerius Gratus, Caiaphas became the official head of the Jewish State and presided over the Sanhedrin, Israel's highest court.   Next the Roman government he was the land's most powerful man in Jesus' day.

But after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, Caiaphas and other Jewish leaders became alarmed at Jesus’ increasing popularity.  The Sanhedrin quickly called a meeting where Caiaphas demanded Jesus’ death.  He and the others actively plotted Jesus’ arrest and held an illegal trail to condemn Him.  Caiaphas was holding all the cards; in the contest the night before Jesus’ crucifixion, you would have to consider him the winner.  But in the days after Jesus’ crucifixion, the real winner emerged.

 In AD 36, Caiaphas was summarily removed from office by the proconsul Vitellus.  Nothing more is ever heard from him.  Jesus, on the other hand, lives and reigns forever, His impact is still being felt in your life and mine two thousand years later.
Success or failure isn’t always evident from the scorecard.  Sometimes our reaction to apparent defeat shows who the real winner is.  When you don’t come out on top, live as if you did.  You’ll make a difference anyway.

by Dr. Woodrow Kroll

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