Saturday, April 6, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge Day 6 Letter F is for "Felix Dealing with Delays"


Dealing with Delays

by Dr Woodrow Kroll

Do you enjoy delays?

When you look at the departure board in the airport and see your flight is delayed, do you go ballistic?  Is there a better way for a Christian to respond to delay?  Paul’s years with Felix show us there is.

Name: Happy
Date: 1st Century A D
Identification: Roman Governor of Judea before whom Paul appeared
Story Line:  Felix was moved by Paul's testimony but did not convert
Read it in the Bible:  Acts 24: 1-27 

Felix was the unscrupulous Roman governor of Judea, capable of committing any crime imaginable.  Paul was sent to Felix in Caesarea when he was arrested in Jerusalem for disturbing the peace, His accusers, however, delayed five days before they arrived, an orator named Tertullus proceeded to accuse Paul, but the apostle refuted each charge.  Paul should have been freed then, but Felix postponed his judgment until he could hear from Lysias, the tribune.  Served days later,  Paul was brought before Felix a second time when he gave his testimony as a Christian,  Felix admitted being moved,  but he dismissed Paul again, indicating they would talk on a more convenient day.  Felix sent for Paul on several occasion, but kept him in prison for two years.  Paul finally was taken to Rome to appeal before Caesar.

During these unjustified delays, did you notice what Paul did?  You read what he said?  Nothing.  He never lost his cool. He never complained about wrongful imprisonment.  He simply maintained a positive witness before the contemptible Felix.

When you are faced with annoying delays, ask yourself whether it’s more important for you rush to the next thing or to maintain a Christian testimony to those who delay you.  Remember, we have all eternity to enjoy the rewards of godly living, but only a few hours before sunset to win them.  Don’t let delays defeat you.

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Dr. Woodrow Kroll


  1. Beautifully written!! Sometimes I need to be reminded to breathe.. and reflect.
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  2. This was a nice reminder for being patient. We see people losing so much energy especially in arguments over delay. Nice post. Thank you nice post.