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Devotional Thoughts From The Hymn Book - "I Love to Tell the Story"

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Devotional Thoughts From The Hymn Book
by Ruth I Johnson
Associate Editor of ‘Young Ambassador’
A Back to the Bible Publication

A Word From The Book’s Foreword
Devotional Thoughts From The Hymn Book is designed to bring out the rich spiritual truths found in many of the old hymns and the gospel songs of the church.  Because these songs are so familiar, they are often sung quite casually, and the vital message contained in the poem is completely overlooked.

In order to encourage “a song on your heart” for the entire day, these devotionals are most effective when used early in the morning.   However, this book has been designed so that it can also be used profitably in family devotions, women’s meetings, youth services and by church choirs as they begin their regular rehearsals.

Devotional Thoughts From The Hymn Book  is not intended to be a song book, though the songs are included to assist those who may not know or remember the words of these old-time hymns.
—Ruth I. Johnson

Copyright 1968
by The Good News Broadcasting Association, Inc.

I Love to Tell the Story
Catherine Hankey                                                              Wm. G. Fischer

  “Go…. To thy friends and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee” (Mark 5:19).

Have you ever thought of life as a rehearsal for a concert in heaven?  The anthem we will sing is “I Love to Tell The Story.”  Once we have mastered its tremendous message, it will become our theme through all eternity.  And what a theme…. To tell the old, old story of Jesus and His love.

This story of Jesus and of heaven is completely satisfying to the listener.  And this message is to be our theme song forever and ever.  In view of this, should we not be absorbing more of its full meaning now?  If we do, we will find it more wonderful than all our dreams or expectations.  How pleasant to be able to repeat this message time and time again.

When we think of the thousands around the world who have never heard this story of love, an urgent challenge possesses us to take it to the ends of the earth so that all may hear.  Even those who have heard it over and over find they develop a natural hunger and thirst to hear its message repeated.

What a message; what a theme:  the love of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.  When did you last let it thrill you?  When were you last blessed beyond audible words because of the message of salvation in Jesus Christ?

This old song will someday be made into a new song, but the message will always be to the glory of the Saviour who died to give us eternal life.  Have you ever thanked God for this song?  Have you shared its message with anyone?  You will, if you sincerely “love to tell the story.”

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Copyright 1968
by The Good News Broadcasting Association, Inc.

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