Monday, July 18, 2011


by Alice Mathews Martin
He knocked at my door, for me to let Him in,
I did shut Him out for my house was a dustbin,
He waited at my door refusing to go away,
I said, “leave me alone to do the things my own way!

He waited at my door, He said, “do let me come in,”
To sit and dine with you”… replied I, “come when my house is clean.’
He waited at my door; relentlessly through the day,
I tried to clean my house and got myself all disarray.

He waited at my door, he said he would help me clean,
But I was so ashamed, I did not let him in.
He waited at my door, my patience weaning out,
I offered him many things, but he did not turn about.

He continued to wait at my door. When at last I did relent,
He walked right into my house, and how my heart did repent!
As he walked into my house, I saw his richly attire!
For surely he must be a king! And I wanted to hide my entire!

When he came into my house, my house into a mansion was formed!
For where the king must live; the place will be transformed!

(Based on revelations 3:20 fulfilled in my life, written with joy for the one who gives it freely)

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