Monday, March 28, 2011

Too Busy To Pray

by Shirley D

Are Church and school activities, homework and household chores chocking your prayer life?

Debbie and Pam were talking about heroes.

“I can’t think of anybody to look up to anymore.” Debbie complained. 

“Neither can I,” Pam agreed.

“But I do know of a hero in the Bible who impresses me a lot.”  “Who’s that? Debbie asked in

“Daniel. Remember the story  about Daniel in the lion’s den. He’s my idea of a real hero.

Yet I know he got all his courage and strength through prayer.”

“I remember the story.” Debbie  said. “And I remember that Daniel’s life was on the line

because he took  time out to pray to God three times  a day, no matter what. That’s the
kind of faith I would like to have.”

Someone has said, “Praise God  anyway, no matter what happens.” In the same way, we can pray

anyway,  no matter how busy we are. It is a matter of sorting out our priorities
and making God first on the list.  We young people are often so engrossed in school

activities and  other things that we scarcely have  time to do much else. There are
after-school practices and rehearsals each day. Then there are games and concerts on

weekends. Sometimes the sports teams take trips to other towns and cities for away-fromhome
games. This takes up even  more precious time.

During so-called “spare time,”  there is schoolwork to do and home  chores to take care of.

When does such an active and involved teenager have time to pray?

One girl discovered that with all  the excitement she was waking up about an hour before the

alarm  would go off. The Lord was able to reach her and plant an idea in her mind that has

helped her prayer life  immensely. She could pray during this hour.

God loves our worship and adoration.  Even though we may give  him this at Church on

Sundays. He  longs for it every day. He also longs to hear us thank Him for answered
prayers. Sometimes we can start by counting our blessings—as the familiar old hymn states.

If we keep our ears open for the  needs of others, our prayer list will grow longer and

longer. It can easily take a full hour just to pray for all the  people we know who are in

need  of prayer. This doesn’t mean only those who are ill, facing the loss of
loved one, or in financial trouble. It means praying for people who are still lost and in

need of the Savior.  Thinking of their final fate, if they do  not trust Jesus before they

die, will  increase our motivation to pray for their salvation.

Think of Daniel and the things you admire about him. He was a competent, courageous and

powerful man.  Where did he get these great traits?  Through daily prayer.

In Ezekiel 14 two references are  made to the righteousness of Noah.  Daniel and Job. They

were not sinless; yet God honored their right ways of living and made an example
of them (see vv. 14, 20).

Isn’t it near to find an attractive powerful and righteous hero in a biblical character? He

is a hero worth imitating today.

If your school is typical, only ten  percent of the students are believers. Daniel 6 for the

courage and perseverance needed in living their faith in front of their non believing

Prayer is a vital part of faith. It is the way we communicate with God.  Daniel kept on

praying when he was forbidden to and thus faced death in a lion’s den for his incredible

loyalty to God. You may face the persecution of your peers for admitting that prayer is a

big part of your life. Yet when God acts in your life in a powerful way, your friends are

going to take notice. Then you will have an opportunity to tell them where you get your

strength and power. Your own life can be your best witness to the lost if you are yielded to

the Lord so He can use you.

The Christian girls on our local basketball teams are reaping the results of daily prayer.

They are playing the game much better and have  more wins to their credit. But the
greatest benefit is in their changed lives.

Daniel knew that a decree had been issued and was endorsed by King Darius. He knew that for

30 days any person who was caught worshiping anyone other than the king would be thrown into

the lion’s den. Fully aware of the penalty,Daniel “went into his house; and his
windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his  God, as he did a fore time” (Dan. 6:10).

We know that Daniel was made  to pay the penalty but that God miraculously  closed the mouths of the lions so they would not hurt him.
The Lord  we love and serve will  honor our prayers too. He loves us more than we can

imagine, and He  wants the best for us. But He wants to hear from us in prayer on a regular
and daily basis.

If you are not praying every day, why not try to develop this delightful habit? The first

thing in the  morning or the last thing at night may be the best times if you think
you’re too busy to pray.

Yes, if you say that God is first in
your life, can you ever be too busy to pray?
 Source: Confident Living Magazine

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