Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh God Teach Me To Listen To You

(A Prayer/Lamentation of a man who neglected the Creator and His Word)
Oh! Lord I know I am very talkative.
I do talk, talk, talk-
About my own things and my own doings,
And never thought of listening to you
My talk most of the time I feel, go frolicsome
Lord, is that the reason I stumble away from you?
Or is that my selfish nature keeps away from you?
Lord, I feel that people around me are not giving-
any attention to my deeds and words.
I quite often feel a kind of loneliness in my life.
Is that the reason I talk and talk about myself,
At every available opportunities to friends-
relatives and even to my far away contacts
Via internet, the amazing creation of mankind.
Lord I feel guilty for neglecting You and Your Words,
And I gave importance to the creations.
Lord I am reminded of the deeds of Romans*1
“They worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator
He is and He alone is blessed and worthy of worship.”
Lord now I realize that I am no less than Roman people.
Though literally not worshiping the creation.
But I know it’s almost similar as they did.
Today again I am reminded of your Word
By the great servant who wrote:
“He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law.
Even his prayer shall be abomination” *2
Though, this is written in your word as a warning
I did not heed to it as worthy as it deserved.
Lord I know this is against your will and pleasure.
Lord thank you for thy servant who made
Mention of it again in his book for the admonition of thy people.*3
Lord teach me to know thy precepts
And help me to follow according to your guidelines.
Lord forgive me for the misconception about the people around.
Oh! Lord while jotting down these lines,
I received a message via SMS in my cell phone*4
Yet another wonderful creation of mankind.
“Da Word “LISTEN” contains d same letters
As ‘SILENT’. Listen 2 GOD in d silence of   UR Heart.
N you’ll know His perfect plans 4 you.”
Oh! Lord I neglected you and your precepts miserably
Oh Lord forgive me, and give thy wisdom to listen to your Voice.
Lord give me thy strength to listen to your Word
Lord help me to heed thy soothing and sweet Voice.
Lord forgive me for misunderstanding about thy people.
And forgive me for the time I wasted in vain.
Lord accept this prayer and helps me to obey thy precepts,
According to thy desire and pleasure.
Thank you Lord for hearing my cry.
                                                      by Philip Verghese 'Ariel'
                                       o O o
*1 Romans Chapter 1: 25
*2 Proverbs 28: 9
*3 Dr. Woodrow Kroll’s recently released book “When God Doesn’t
     Answer” Removing roadblocks to answered prayers. Chapter 3.
*4 A Brother, from Secunderabad

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